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Issue 100 (2015)


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Noé Alejandro Castro-Sánchez, Yolanda Raquel Baca-Gómez, and Alicia Martínez

Development of Affective Lexicon for Spanish with Mexican Slang Expressions (pp. 9–18; abstract)


Anilu Franco-Arcega, María J. Gutiérrez-Sánchez, and Alberto Suárez-Navarrete

Learning Styles Analysis based on Pattern Recognition Techniques (pp. 19–26; abstract)


Lorena Chavarría-Báez and Oscar Díaz

A Petri Net-based Approach to OWL Ontology Representation (pp. 27–38; abstract)


José Luis Oropeza Rodríguez and Sergio Suárez Guerra

Comparison between the Macro and Micro Mechanical Model using Values of the Human Cochlea vs. Fluid Mechanical Model for Automatic Speech Recognition (pp. 39–49; abstract)


Mauricio Amariles, Juan Giraldo, Claudia Durango, and Carla Zapata

Model of Knowledge Base for Supporting the Classification of a Psychological Profile in the Context of Social Engineering (pp. 51–62; abstract)


Humberto Pérez-Espinosa, José Martín Pérez-Martínez, José Ángel Durán-Reynoso, and Verónica Reyes-Meza

Automatic Classification of Context in Induced Barking (pp. 63–74; abstract)


Ricardo Ruíz, Christopher R. Stephens, and Santiago Roel Rodríguez

Crime Data Mining: Combining Socio-economic and Spatial Analysis (pp. 75–88; abstract)


Juan Giraldo, Jovani Jiménez, and Marta Tabares

Integrating Business Process Management and Data Mining for Organizational Decision Making (pp. 89–102; abstract)


Joel Suárez-Cansino, Luis R. Morales-Manilla, and Virgilio López-Morales

Computer Adaptive Testing and Cloud Computing (pp. 103–113; abstract)


Eduardo Vázquez-Santacruz, Cuauhtémoc Morales-Cruz, Rogelio de Jesus Portillo-Velez, and Mariano Gamboa-Zúñiga

Mechatronic Approach to an Intelligent Machine: the Case of an Assistive Device (pp. 115–127; abstract)


Obdulia Pichardo-Lagunas, Bella Martinez-Seis

Resource Creation for Automatic Translation System from Texts in Spanish into Mexican Sign Language (pp. 129–137; abstract)


Karen Alicia Aguilar Cruz, María Teresa Zagaceta Álvarez, José de Jesús Medel Juárez

Adaptation of Weights in a Neuron Using an Integrated Filter (pp. 139–147; abstract)

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