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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 87 (2014)


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Marisela Bravo, Fernando Martínez-Reyes, and José Rodríguez

Representation of an Academic and Institutional Context using Ontologies (pp. 9–17; abstract)


Miguel Sánchez Brito, José Ruíz Ascencio,and Carlos Felipe García-Hernández

SCORM Cloud for an Advanced Sequencing of Learning Objects on LMS Moodle Platform (pp. 19–26; abstract)


Amaury Hernandez-Aguila, Mario Garcia-Valdez, and Alejandra Mancilla

Affective States in Software Programming: Classification of Individuals based on their Keystroke and Mouse Dynamics (pp. 27–34; abstract)


María Lucía Barrón Estrada, Ramon Zatarain Cabada, Margarita Aranda-Ortega, H.E. Gómez-Pérez, and José Mejía-Arredondo

An Intelligent, Affective and Configurable Tutor for 3rd Grade Natural Numbers Teaching (pp. 35–41; abstract)


Yasmín Hernández and Miguel Pérez

A B-Learning Model for Training within Electrical Tests Domain (pp. 43–52; abstract)


Uriel Haile Hernández Belmonte and Diana E. Martinez Rodríguez

Designing an Itinerant Science Museum (pp. 53–60; abstract)

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