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Computer science and computer engineering

Issue 86 (2014)


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Preliminaries (pp. 1–4)

Preface (p. 5)

Table of Contents (p. 7)


Gurpreet Singh Lehal, Tejinder Singh, and Saini Pretpal Kaur Buttar

Automatic Bilingual Legacy-Fonts Identification and Conversion System (pp. 9–23; abstract)


Sirine Boukedi and Kais Haddar

HPSG Grammar Treating of Different Forms of Arabic Coordination (pp. 25–41; abstract)


Amitava Das and Dwijen Rudra Pal

Exploring the Partial Textual Entailment Problem for Bengali News Texts (pp. 43–52; abstract)


Marvin Coto-Jiménez, Fabiola M. Martínez-Licona, and John Goddard-Close

Acoustic Vowel Analysis in a Mexican Spanish HMM-based Speech Synthesis (pp. 53–62; abstract)


Luis Miralles Pechuán and José M. García Carrasco

Bringing Networks together to Improve Advertising Performance (pp. 63–75; abstract)


Denis Martins and Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto

Hybrid Subjective Decision Support System based on Computational Semiotics and Computational Intelligence Techniques (pp. 77–87; abstract)


J. Carlos Conde R., Abraham Sánchez L., and Abraham Sánchez F.

Invoking Behavioral Patterns on Autonomous Virtual Agents by Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Video Games Techniques using Modern Tools (pp. 89–100; abstract)


Baudouin Dafflon and Franck Gechter

Making Decision with Reactive Multi-agent Systems: A Possible Alternative to Regular Decision Processes for Platoon Control Issue (pp. 101–112; abstract)


Carla S. G. Pires, Marilton S. de Aguiar, and Paulo R. Ferreira

Mobile ACORoute – Route Recommendation Based on Communication by Pheromones (pp. 113–122; abstract)

Reviewing Committee (p. 123)

Final (p. 125)