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Issue 56 (July–December 2012)


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Thematic section: Intelligent Learning Environments

Guest Editors: María Lucía Barrón Estrada, Ramón Zatarain Cabada, María Yasmín Hernández Pérez

Section title page (p. 9)


María Lucila Morales Rodríguez, José Apolinar Ramírez Saldivar, Julia Patricia Sánchez Solís, Arturo Hernández Ramírez

Design of an Intelligent Agent for Personalization of Moodle’s Contents (pp. 11–17; abstract)


María Lucila Morales-Rodríguez, Juan J. González B., Rogelio Florencia-Juárez, Julia Patricia Sánchez-Solís

Emotional Dialogue in a Virtual Tutor for Educational Software (pp. 19–27; abstract)


Jesús Miguel García Gorrostieta, Samuel González López, Aurelio López López

Assessing and Advising on Lexical Richness in an Intelligent Tutoring System (pp. 29–36; abstract)


Pablo Camarillo Ramírez, Abraham Sánchez L., David Núñez R.

Moveek: a semantic social network (pp. 37–44; abstract)


Rubén Octavio Vélez Salazar, José Arrazola Ramírez

Possibilistic Safe Beliefs vs. Possibilistic Stable Models (pp. 45–52; abstract)


Carlos Ramírez, Benjamín Valdés

The Memory Map Model used for Personalization in Intelligent Learning Environments (pp. 53–60; abstract)


María Lucía Barrón Estrada, Ramón Zatarain Cabada, Rosalío Zatarain Cabada, Arminda Barrón Estrada

Design and Implementation of an Affective ITS (pp. 61–68; abstract)


Aremy Olaya Virrueta Gordillo, Rodolfo Esteban Ibarra Orozco

On a LS-Adaptive Learning Objects Creation Methodology Using LOM Metadata (pp. 69–76; abstract)


Carlos Ramírez, Erik Sanchez

A Model for the Representation of Competences Applied to Student’s Knowledge Modeling (pp. 77–85; abstract)


Regular papers

Section title page (p. 87)


Héctor Jiménez Salazar, Christian Sánchez Sánchez, Carlos Rodríguez Lucatero, Arturo Wulfrano Luna Ramírez

An Analysis of Web Services Attributes for Discovery Support (pp. 89–100; abstract)


Alexander Smirnov, Tatiana Levashova, Alexey Karpov, Irina Kipyatkova, Andrey Ronzhin, Andrew Krizhanovsky, Nataly Krizhanovsky

Analysis of the Quotation Corpus of the Russian Wiktionary (pp. 101–112; abstract)


Olga Kolesnikova

Linguistic Support of a CAPT System for Teaching English Pronunciation to Mexican Spanish Speakers (pp. 113–129; abstract)


Liliana Chanona-Hernández, Alexander Gelbukh

Corpus morfológicamente representativo: preparación de datos y compilación para el español (pp. 131–143; abstract)

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